Clam Shell

Equipment Needed:

  • Open floor or yoga mat
  • Loop resistance band or theraband


  1. While seated on the floor wrap the resistance band around your knees
  2. Lie down on your side with your knees bent and legs together
  3. Keeping your heels together open your knees against the resistance band
  4. Open them as far as possible without your top hip leaning back or falling to the ground
  5. Hold the open position for a 2+ count and return to the starting position
  6. Perform the prescribed reps and switch sides

Common Errors

Opening your hip up too much. Many people lean their pelvis back as the top leg moves up. It appears to give more motion and therefore more resistance but it lessens the amount of control needed by the moving hip. Keep your hips stacked and don’t lean back.

Progressions / Regressions:

If this is too challenging:

  • Try using a less difficult band or no band at all

If you want more of a challenge:

  • Use a more difficult band
  • Try end range isometric holds. Simply hold the rep in the open position for a longer period of time