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Build A Mobility Workout in 3 (or 4) steps

The Mobility Workout Game Plan Any good mobility workout or programming should be directed towards a specific goal. Knowing exactly what mobility or motor control deficiencies you have will help you design the perfect workouts and warm ups Nearly all wonky movements...

Why your shoulder hurts: Thoracic-mobility

A Team of Individuals My current full time position is working with military operators. I work with a team of professionals with the sole purpose of making these guys more resilient and to improve the level at which they can perform. Suffice it to say this is a TEAM...

Stop using a machete when a scalpel would do

Back pain? Stretch your hip flexors! Shoulder pain? Smash this ball into your lats! Knee pain? Couch stretch! Sound familiar? How come so many of us are willing to dissect our diets and spend so much time analyzing our workouts and gains but so unwilling to put in the...

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