Foam Roll QL / Low back

Equipment Needed: 

  • Open floor, or yoga mat
  • Foam Roller



  1. Lie on your side bridging between your hand or elbow and your hips
  2. Place a foam roller under your abdomen between your ribs and your pelvis
  3. Arch your body away from the floor, pressing your abdomen against the roller
  4. Rock back looking for tender spots
  5. Focus on any particularly tender areas
  6. Roll for the prescribed amount of time then switch sides


Common Errors:  

  • Arching your body away from the floor makes more space between the ribs and pelvis.
  • Make sure to relax the muscle being massaged


Progressions / Regressions:

If this is too challenging:

  • Push away from the foam roller with your hand or elbow, reducing the pressure on your abdomen

If you want more of a challenge:

  • Use a smaller mobility tool like a softball (but go slowly)



  • This technique is essentially the same thing as foam rolling your obliques. The main difference is where you are focusing your attention.