Scalene Release

Equipment Needed: 

  • Open floor or chair



  1. Using the pads of your index and middle fingers find your collar bone on the opposite side
  2. Move above the collar bone to the base of the neck
  3. Lean your head to the side being treated
  4. Using the pads of your fingers press gently into the side of your neck then glide down towards the arm
  5. Slowly lean away, feeling a stretch in your neck under your fingers
  6. Hold for a 3 – 5 count
  7. Perform the prescribed reps and switch sides


Common Errors:  

  • The carotid artery is close to this area. Massaging it can cause light-headedness or even fainting. DO NOT MASSAGE A PULSE
  • This area also contains a lot of nerves. Manipulating them is not advised. If you feel pain or otherwise feel sketchy feel free to skip this exercise


Progressions / Regressions:

If this is too challenging:

  • N/A

If you want more of a challenge:

  • N/A