Segmental Curl Up

Equipment Needed: 

  • Open floor or yoga mat
  • Light to moderate resistance band and a low, stable attachment point



  1. Start seated with legs straight in front of you
  2. Begin by rounding your low back and by contracting your abs tightly
  3. Continue to round your back, moving up one segment at a time
  4. As your back rounds, your low back will begin lowering to the ground. Make sure you contract your abs hard during this whole movement
  5. Slowly lower your spine all the way to the ground, focusing on each segment 
  6. When you get to your neck make sure you look down and tuck your chin
  7. Once flat on the ground follow the movement instructions in reverse to come back up


Common Errors:  

  • This can be a very challenging movement and many people can’t isolate one segment at a time. Instead, they lower larger regions all at once. This can be due to a lack of mobility or control but either way do your best and 


Progressions / Regressions:

If this is too challenging:

  • Use a resistance band to help you lower and raise yourself

If you want more of a challenge:

  • Do not use a band
  • Try to go as slow as possible
  • Lower partway down, stop and return. Alternatively, you can start from the bottom, come partway up and return or play around with any of the ranges in the middle. Just remember that you should be able to control the entire movement