Segmental Press Up

Equipment Needed

Open floor or yoga mat


  1. Lie face down on the floor and place your hands just outside of your shoulders
  2. Start the movement by tilting your head back and looking up. Imagine that you are moving one segment of your spine at a time
  3. Continue extending your spine one vertebrae at a time
  4. As your chest lifts off the ground begin pushing with your hands to help support your weight
  5. Go slowly and focus on each segment as it moves into extension
  6. Continue until your elbows are fully extended
  7. Complete the prescribed repetitions 

Common Error

Many people go too fast, missing the chance to mobilize every segment along the way. Go slow and focus.

Progressions / Regressions:

If this is too challenging:

  • Perform partial reps until you feel like you can move through your restriction
  • If you have a friend that can help have them place the side of their hand on top of individual vertebrae to give you feedback and a block to try and bend around.

If you want more of a challenge:

  • N/A