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Does This Sound Familiar?


You work your butt off in the gym for weeks, months, years even. You’ve hit your stride, built confidence and earned lots of high fives.

You are the BOMB!

But at some point, you start to get a little hint of pain, maybe in your shoulder or back.

You think, “it’s not that bad, I’ll just keep an eye on it” and move on.

The pain lingers, gets a little better, then a bit worse.

Eventually, you notice that it starts to hurt more, and at different times than before; during exercises that used to be “safe” or even outside of the gym.

Now this pain has infected your everyday life.

You’ve iced and rested, stretched and stayed away from painful things. Maybe you even took time off, away from the gym but when you come back, BAM, the pain is right back to where it was.

You feel defeated, even a bit sad.

Exercise is supposed to feel good and make you better. Why does it seem to be the thing that’s breaking you?

What If it wasn’t like that? 


What if you could reduce the pain while still training hard?

What if you were one of those people who never seem to be phased by a movement? Always making everything look easy without fear or apprehension.

The version of yourself that you wish you could be.








        • Never having to feel like you’re coming from behind. Always knowing you’re right where you need to be.
        • Knowing exactly what your limitations are and how far you can push without facing a setback.
        • Imagine lifting heavy without second-guessing yourself.

Introducing Performance Care


Mission MVMT Performance Care is a bespoke injury rehab and prevention coaching service that keeps athletes moving through injury. With Performance Care you can expect to:

        • Learn exercise modifications and scaling progressions that will allow you to continue working out, even if you’re injured.
        • How to manage training load and volume so that you see consistent progress and avoid nagging overuse injuries.
        • Specific and accurate programming that will eliminate the guesswork for your mobility and strength needs. 
        • The highest level of hands-on care to get you out of pain and back in action.
        • Develop confidence in your body

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