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Stop using a machete when a scalpel would do

Back pain? Stretch your hip flexors! Shoulder pain? Smash this ball into your lats! Knee pain? Couch stretch! Sound familiar? How come so many of us are willing to dissect our diets and spend so much time analyzing our workouts and gains but so unwilling to put in the...

Why Rotate?

Whether you realize it or not rotation is critical to your function and your performance. If you are a runner or just trying to change lanes on the highway the ability to do either effectively is dependent in part on how well your spine twists. Even squatting, a...

Meditation, Mind Control, and Movement

Let me be clear. This is not a lesson on how to brainwash other people but it is a brief tutorial on how to hack yourself to promote mobility and better movement; meditation optional. OK so as the title suggests this post is in some small part about meditation, but...

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