Exercise is Supposed to Feel Good


Let’s make it that way


Better Movement Can Break Down So Many Barriers.


Train Pain-Free

More pain doesn’t mean more gain. Training pain-free should be your #1 goal.


Improve Performance

Moving poorly in the gym is like driving a car with the parking brake on; wasting energy and taking away from your gains.

Build Confidence

When you improve movement you can train without second-guessing your body.

Mission MVMT Builds Functional Bodies

We’ve Helped Thousands of Athletes Return to Training



How Our System Works:

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We help you figure out what movements need refining and which ones are likely sources of your dysfunction and pain.


We help you prioritize what to fix first so you stop wasting time on things that don’t help.


Improvement is perpetual. We will help you continue on to the next steps of your fitness journey.

Ian and Javier are very professional and well experienced! I had an injury from pull-ups and they were able to fix it along with another long-term lingering issue and I was back to fully functional within three days! They rock!

Emma H.

No-one Wants to Train Themselves into a Rut

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