3 Way Pull Apart

Equipment Needed

Light resistance band


  1. Sit or stand and hold the band in front of you with arms straight and either a palm up or palm down grip
  2. Pull the band apart with arms at shoulder height, making a ‘T’
  3. Return to the starting position, switch one grip so that one hand is palm-up and the other is down
  4. Pull the band apart again with the palm up hand elevating overhead and the other moving toward your hip
  5. Return to the starting position, switch your hands and repeat on the opposite side

Common Errors

  • Make sure to initiate the pull apart by engaging your shoulder blades and pinching them together
  • It is important for the palm-up hand to be the one moving overhead. Doing so with the palm down hand could lead to shoulder pain.

Progressions / Regressions:

If this is too challenging:

  • Lessen the resistance by gripping the band further apart, or by using a lighter band

If you want more of a challenge:

  • Increase resistance with a more difficult band or by gripping the band closer together



You can perform all the reps in one pattern first before moving to the others. This will save time from switching grips between each rep.